1 Crate A Week

I'm being lazy updating this site atm... with the release of Battlefield 4 haven't been all that interested in doing anything else, sorry for the delay to anyone that actually views this website.. :P

Follow me on my attempt to uncrate an unusual only opening 1 crate each week, the time I will doing this any time on the weekend.

I will try to update this website as soon as I open the crate.

This was inspired by another version of this I would just like to drop there link so you can check out their progress > One Crate Per Week by buddhapest

Week 1 | 18/5/13

Kicking things off with a crate 42.

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 1 Loot

Well great start, Strange Part: Projectiles Reflected worth about 5.33-6ref*

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 2 | 25/5/13

Opening a Crate 31 hoping for that strange degreaser worth 2keys

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 2 Loot

Well that's awesome but not an unusual :( worth 2keys* would be a nice profit, but I think I will keep this one

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 3 | 1/6/13

Opening another Crate 31 hoping for that strange degreaser worth 2keys again.

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 3 Loot

Oh shucks, my "lucks" ran out :P worth 1-1.33ref* I think I will give this away :3

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 4 | 8/6/13

Opening a Crate 21

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 4 Loot

meh.. worth 1.33-1.66ref*

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 5 | 15/6/13

Opening a Crate 42 hoping not to get a rake or a bottle ^o^

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 5 Loot

yay! worth 1.7-2keys* still not unusual tho :(

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 6 | 22/6/13

Opening a Crate 42 again, not feeling lucky or optimistic :3

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 6 Loot

derp, I don't even... 0.11-0.22ref* without looking.

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 7 | 29/6/13

Going for a strange from a crate 39 cause why not actually open a crate for something you want? :3

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 7 Loot

oh just like my luck not to get a knife :'( at least it's worth 1.66ref* and a strange knife is worth 1.33-1.66ref* so I can still get mah knife :D

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 8 | 6/7/13

Going for gold (unusual) with a crate 31, hard choice this week was going to be a 31 or a 28 decided to go with the 31.

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 8 Loot

o.O it's not unusual but not a bad unbox worth 2keys* if i was in it for the profit ^o^ however, I gave this one away :3

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 9 | 13/7/13

Running out of "decent" crates as such to open, don't really want to keep opening the same ones so lets try a Crate 28..

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 9 Loot

Not bad, not bad at all. Worth 1.8-2keys*.

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 10 | 20/7/13

Running out of creative things to write here, not like anyone really views this... so a crate 28 again.

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 10 Loot

hmmm could have been better, worth 1.66-2ref*.

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 11 | 27/7/13

Decided to buy a crate 19 for 3.66ref to resell for 5.66ref but I got lazy... so this week it's a crate #19 :D

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 11 Loot

Oh WOW... I've opened 3 crate 19's in total each time I have got a strange grenade launcher. "Speechless" well this is worth 3.5-3.7keys*

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 12 | 3/8/13

This week something special happened

*Praise the item drop system*

Crate 50 Found!

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 12 Loot

Well not the best, but not the worst "cough" Splendid Screen "cough"
worth 4-4.5keys*

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 13 | 1/8/13

Opening a crate #21 bought from the steam communtiy market.

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 13 Loot

A strange shotgun /again/ atleast they are rather easy to sell and I'll get my keys back up for the next 2 weeks. worth 1.5-1.7keys*

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 14 | 17/8/13

Opening a, um crate #21 I think... That i bought from the steam communtiy market.

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 14 Loot

O.o Wasn't expecting that seems i can make profit from uncrating quite often but not get a single unusual :( worth 1.2keys*


Week 15 | 24/8/13

Opening a crate #21 again I just realised this is my 3rd crate 21 in a row... oh well :P

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 15 Loot

oh wow, never have any luck getting an unusual but getting the most expensive item /cha-ching/ lol
worth 1.3-1.5keys*

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 16 | 31/8/13

Opening yet again a crate #21, seeing a pattern here :P

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 16 Loot

darn it ;( worth 0.66-1ref* quite a large loss since keys are now 5.77-6ref lol

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 17 | 7/9/13

Going to try a new crate today, a crate series 71.

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 17 Loot

oh a het ;o why couldn't it be unusual? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) worth 1.44-1.66ref*

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 18 | 14/9/13

Going back to my good old crate 21, lets see how this goes shall we..

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 18 Loot

oh another het but this one is retired.. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) worth 1.33ref* like most hats

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 19 | 21/9/13

Trying a crate 31 cause I dunno what to open anymore..

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 19 Loot

oh best item in the crate excluding any type of unusual that is..
worth 1.8-2keys*

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 20 | 28/9/13

opening a crate #26 looking to get a strange Syringe Gun or Crusader's Crossbow.

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 20 Loot

damn shame... wasn't what i wanted :( worth 1ref*

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 21 | 5/10/13

going to be opening my most expensive crate i own.. a crate #28 containing that strange shotgun :>

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 21 Loot

aww but not the worst item in the crate i think this is second highest item.. worth 2.66-3ref*

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 22 | 12/10/13

gifted robokey

This week is kinda different, I will be opening a robocrate since I got the key for free whilst in a server

So thanks to AluThe Hungry Ghost for giving out 23keys!

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 22 Loot

Aww, can't really say a lot since the robokey was free. Worth 1.22-1.33ref*

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 23 | 19/10/13

Opening a crate #34 hoping to get the reserve shooter so I can be an annoying pyro B)

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 23 Loot

Oh wow best item in the crate and the item that I wanted :D worth 4-4.33ref*

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 24 | 26/10/13

This week opening a #34 again to try

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

I dun goof and forgot to take a screenshot ;_;
but.. I uncrated a Strange Backburner worth 2.66-3ref*

* Pricing from Backpack.tf

Week 25 | 2/11/13

Spooky Update! :o So I will be opening one of those Spoooooooooky Crates.

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 25 Loot

Errrr I don't even... Some solly hat, no current price on backpack.tf :o

Week 26 | 9/11/13

According to trade.tf/crates the brown summer cooler crate is the best crate for opening bulk.. although this isn't bulk ima open one :3

*obnoxious uncrating sound*

Week 26 Loot

Well it's a really nice hat worth 2.66ref* going to be giving this away on tf2r

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